Valuation of your property

Estimating your property is a crucial step in ensuring that it is put up for sale successfully. In Megève, a unique property market, the seasonality of transactions plays a significant role. This is why it is essential to set the asking price of your property accurately, in order to generate as many visits as possible and arouse the interest of potential buyers. A well-executed valuation also ensures that the value of your property can be justified to a buying public.

Our valuation method is based on a comprehensive and rigorous approach. We go on site to assess every aspect of your property, including its floor, views, volumes, surroundings and annexes. What's more, we use the most recent transaction data for your area to establish a price in line with the current property market.

Entrust us with the valuation of your property, and benefit from the expertise of a team of property professionals dedicated to the success of your transaction. We'll help you position your property optimally on the market, guaranteeing maximum appeal and visits, while ensuring that its value is indisputable in the eyes of potential buyers.


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